My daily promise

A work in progress, your comments are always welcome

Daily pledge:

As a sovereign sentient human being;

I recognize the higher power of god and his golden rule.

I promise to be responsible for myself and the consequences of all my actions.

I am not however responsible for the behavior or decisions of others.

I will honor all contracts that I have reviewed and approved of by my own signature.

I do not accept social contracts, or mandates forced upon me by illegitimate governments.

I promise to do all I can to help others who are trying to be responsible for themselves.

Government (def): A subset of a population within a geographical boundary with the authority to use force to achieve its goals. It is both violent and a monopoly by its very nature. Synonyms: Government = violent monopoly

Reasons for a Violent Monopoly:

To ensure everyone follows the golden rule.

To protect us from foreign invasion.

New laws only makes new criminals. The processing of which gives a large violent monopoly (government) a reason to grow even larger.

Mandates that need a violent monopoly (government) to enforce are fraudulent from their inception. Transparent disclosure of the issue at hand and allow me to make a responsible choice.

3 thoughts on “My daily promise

  1. You are not limited to:
    I will honor all contracts that I have reviewed
    and approved of by my own signature.
    You also live to the commitments of your word. I have been a witness.

  2. The Golden Rule is a nice concept. It makes an intellectual, emotinoal, and spiritual evolution over the Silver Rule (Do unto other as they do unto you), which was an evolutionary step beyond the Iron Rule (Do unto others because or before they do unto you). But what if doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is not what they would wish? How many social problems have been caused by attempts to impose rather than integrate a personal or regional value system without concern for the evolution of existing practices?
    What of the potential next social evolutionary step, a Platinum Rule of “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them”? What bounds should there be to prevent implied obligations that would damage the recipient, or cause self-destruction of the donor/actor? How should this be limited for the immature, mentally ill, emotionally weak or unbalanced, overmedicated, and addicts? Have we already put a foot into the corporate zone of that social realm with TIF, bailouts/payouts, adoration of the attention-addicted celebutantes that are too often tools, and subservience to corporateers in both business and government?
    Mencken: … For there is always an easy solution to every problem — neat, plausible and wrong.
    The challenge of a worthy goal: To work for effective, balanced solutions in the complications of the real world.

  3. The platinum rule can not go into effect until we can clearly determine what the other person wants. That cannot happen without communication which means engagement without rules in an effort to establish rules. This is an presently unattainable goal.

    I believe the best we can do in our current intellectual state is treat others as we want to be treated. Or at least grant them beingness, or the honor and respect of an equal.

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