Suspend income tax for 2008

Completely suspending all personnal income tax for 2008 will cost less than $1.2 trillion.  This is less than a third of what we are giving away to the banks.

Watch Texas Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) as he makes the first suggestion of such a great idea.

4 thoughts on “Suspend income tax for 2008

  1. For everyone or just those who actually need a cut? If the highest earners actually filed the tax they ought to pay, closing that tax gap could fund a cut to the poorest without delay.
    Most governments are now agreed that an income tax to low earners and consumers in general is a necessary measure in their usual Keynesian armoury against recession, but are still wrangling over the time limit to set on it. They are also still dithering over whether to tax the rich.

    Cutting out the war funding would be another good start.

  2. …Finaly, somebody ( after Ron Paul, of course!) has a very good idea!!! it would be very good start… and then 2 years, 3 years, e.t.c without an income tax (!!!), then people wouldn’t want to go back on that “volunteer/mandatory income tax sytem”…Why not?!
    …Let’s build this coalition!!! Sergey.

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