Jupiter study on Statins and heart attack

Although the media blitz will tell you of the great benefits of this toxic chemical, please read the fine print before poisoning yourself for minimal gain.

The “Jupiter” trial was funded by Astra Zeneca (the maker of the drug being tested) to study primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (fatal and nonfatal) in healthy patients with low LDL (<130) yet elevated C reactive protiens (>2.0).

Patients were randomized to receive either rosuvastatin (Crestor) 20mg daily or placebo. After 1.9 years, LDL dropped by 50% and C reactive protiens by 37% in patients on rosuvastatin. In all there were 198 deaths out of 8901 rosuvastatin patients and 247 deaths out of 8901 patients on placebo.

From examination of table 3 of the study (not included here) if you subtract “not fatal myocardial infarction” from “any myocardial infarction,” you find out that there were 9 myocardial infarction (MI) deaths in the rosuvastatin arm and only 6 in the placebo arm. That shows a 50% increase in MI deaths in the arm taking Crestor.

Consider also:

  1. there were 51 more subjects in the placebo arm than in the Rosuvastatin reporting a family history of coronary heart disease.
  2. At the start of the study 71 more subjects in the placebo arm than in the Rosuvastatin arm had metabolic syndrome.
  3. By the end of the study only 75% of subjects had remained compliant. By not reporting which arm of the study the dropouts were from makes any interpretation of adverse reaction inconclusive.
  4. Myopathies were reported to be about equal, which is a highly suspect finding.

Therefore, for every 83 people treated for 1.9 years 1 will benefit. At $3.50 per dose, it would COST $201,000 to benefit that 1 person, not including the additional expenses suffering and deaths incurred from the increased number of patients with statin-induced diabetes.


One thought on “Jupiter study on Statins and heart attack

  1. …Unfortunately, people don’t see,or don’t know a benefit of natutal nomeopathick medicine, remedies, dietary suplements, vitamins, an organic whole food, raw food, e.t.c., which all todether is a part of a human wellbeing. Can you compair any farma. drug to any of the above??? You can’t, becouse all of the above works and have a proven record without any side effect, becouse it is NATURAL!!! Farma.drugs are all man made checmical drugs-UNNATURAL!!! FDA( Federal Death admunistration) will not do anything, if any dryg couses a side effect ( it will- ir is just the matter of time…), because it is hard to “resist” a big and reach farma. industry, which is very influential also in US government. As long farma. isn’t in danger to be suied over a lot of side effects from a drug, or a lot of people died, as result of taken a drug, nothing and nobody will stop them from continue their wrong doing…
    …Bottom line, don’t be a sad statistick- DON’T TAKE ANY DRUGS AT ALL, DON’T MAKE THEM REACH AND YOURSELF POOR, SICK, ILL!!!
    …What we need to do is to band any farma. drugs advertisement, the same way, as it was done to alchogol and tabaco. The USA is one of a few countries in the world, which legally permits drugs advertisement! Enough is enough!!!…We need to convience people to stop taking drugs and get them out from drugs completely and replace them with a good balance and combination of helthy and nutritious food, dietary supplements, vitamins, e.t.c. and
    ……START A PETITION TO BAND ADVERTISING FARMA. DRUGS!!! A time has come to do that. The longer we wait, the harder is ot do.
    …Ladies and gentelman- the choises are YOURS!!!!

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