FREE speech vs Commercial verbage

Here is an old subject for you…

Real Help for Cancer?

by Bill Sardi and Timothy Hubbell

Mr. Sardi contacted me within an hour of my posting a literature review article on Dr. Yamamoto’s work with Serum vitamin D3-binding protein (Gc protein) that included a well referenced and properly source linked capture of “his” article I found on

He demanded I remove my blog post immediately because, “that is copywrite material produced for a commercial entity.”  That I was, “Stealing web traffic from the purchaser of his post.”  Which I did, sort of.  I removed the verbiage of his portion of the literature review and replaced it with a titled hyperlink to his original post.

Here is my question to you:


1.   I get no financial gain from my post.

2.   The post is promoting hope, freedom and liberty.

3.   I always include references and links to original material.

4.   I obtain all my material from googled sources.  (Not private)


1.   I should be encouraged to research, review and post information that I feel is important.  The links on my posts will direct my subscribers towards the source sites, thus increasing traffic, not “stealing” it away.  Please review this post Age of Attention

2.   My passing on information is blocked due to restrictive copywrite regulations.  The lid is put back on the jenie bottle of free speech on the internet.

Please read this

4 thoughts on “FREE speech vs Commercial verbage

  1. Dr. Darrell Drumright

    What a fool! Now you attempt to disparage me for protecting my property.

    1. I get no financial gain from my post. Who cares, that does not give you right to use my content.

    You are stealing web traffic and I don’t want to be associated with you. You say there is no commercial gain, but you are linking to products you sell.

    2. The post is promoting hope, freedom and liberty.

    Liberty to steal?

    3. I always include references and links to original material.

    You would be stealing my references

    4. I obtain all my material from googled sources. (Not private)

    Swiped, nonetheless.

    There is the fair use doctrine regarding copyrighted material. Play by the rules. You can clip a short quotation or describe my work in general, but that is not what you did. Shall I report you to the Chiropractic Board for unprofessional behavior?

    Bill Sardi

  2. Inviting open dialog is not disparaging anyone Mr Sardi. There is nothing personal here.

    This is a very important topic and I am interested in working through this portion of the new reality.

    My goal is to do my part in the distribution of important information far and wide. I believe the only restriction upon the freedom of press is to be clear as to the author of the work. An important rule that I honor.

    You cannot choose who to associate with on the internet. Its called the world wide web for a reason.

  3. OK, I can go with your suggestion to clip a short quotation from other original sites then include a link to them. This gets my goal accomplished just as well.

    Thank you for the lesson, I look forward to meeting you at a NFH meeting sometime in the future.

  4. Dr D,

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

    You would think that such information would be on every street corner, every gossiping mouth, between every viagara commercial. But in a world where money is god, ideas are controlled, fear is king and “the undertakers are at rule among us” (black crowes) .. this is not the case.

    Ideas and products dont make common use because of the gate keepers, ie patent office, fda approval and the established methodologies of cut, slash and burn, etc. Of course many of these coming about through ‘philanthropy’ of wolves in sheeps clothing.

    Its not about health, well being and good will toward men, its about money, money and money.

    One day the knowledge of the Lord will be as the waters of the sea. The light body will be lifes story, not literalist stories that have petrefied entired cultures. The interconnectedness of the stars, planets and the earth will be the science, not a myth of leylines, sacred places and sacred geometry. The freedom and emancipation of the women will be the capstone of true human beings, not the religious control by shame of menstrual blood and sex. The least among us will not be fodder for crafted wars, paedophiles in high places or hidden agendas of cartoon empires.

    Until that day…miscommunication between the cells of the body of God, ie humanity, will cancerously remain as it is…

    Hierasolyma Est Perdita.

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