We are still the boss

In all the election mania it is easy to loose site of the truth behind a presidential election.

First off, the populous does not elect the president.  The popular vote is a circus to create the illusion that the people have some control over the process.  But the truth is the electoral college will decide who the next president will be, and these “presidential electorates” were all elected themselves at the state Republican and Democratic Conventions.

Second, please remember our republic was set up to ensure the people retain the power over their government.  You see, although you may not directly elect your president, in the end, the president is your employee not your boss.  Please remember this as we move into the 21st century.

Take the momentum of 2008 and stay involved in the process.  Educate yourself and help put this county back on coarse of promoting individual liberties, less government involvement and more trust in each other.

I look forward to working with each of you in the coming months and years as the human race takes a large step forward.  There are two potential outcomes:

Central control of all aspects of our lives by an overarching all seeing government.  People are discouraged from excelling because their success would be a threat to the central government.  The fruits of their labor will be taken and redistributed “for the betterment of mankind”.  Since you will have to ask permission to do anything other than what you are told to do, you slow down your creativity and end up an automatic slave drone in a socialist state.  This system never lasts long, because the producers stop producing because it is more efficient to let the central government take care of you.

Decentralized government organization depending on the ingenuity of individuals to provide for their communities needs.  Global communication systems to allow improved cooperation in mutually beneficial projects such as highways and  power distribution.  Free markets allow open competition for all aspects of a communities lives including education, energy, health, transportation, etc.  This free wheeling competition will drive us to amazing advancements in technology and methodology of creating a better more profitable life for all citizens.

The choice is ours, not Washington’s.  So keep studying, ask questions and get up and do something about it!!



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