Annual flu vaccine – sales pitch vs common sense

I have been having the annual conversation with a few patients that are thinking of getting the flu shot.

Now, I try really hard not to be judgemental, afterall I really beleive each of us has the right and responsibility to take care of our own bodies.  I do however, try to help people make informed decisions.

Here are few facts as I know them.  (This is off the top of my head so I will not be giving references, thou I can find them if you are interested.)

1.  The flu is  a virus that gets into your body through your nose, or mouth.  Your body knows this and concentrates its immune system defenses in these areas of first contact.

2.  The flu “shot” is injected into your arm.  This is not a normal place of first contact, so your immune system is not very strong here.  In fact, it has been repeatedly published injecting vaccines into the body in this manner drastically increases your risk for Geillon Bar Syndrome and Alzimers Disease.

3.  They guess at three brands of flu viruses to put in each years vaccines.  This guess is based on what viruses were going around Asia last year.  It is very unusual that this guess is anywhere close to accurate.  In fact, the flu virus mutates so fast, by the time the vaccines are ready the virus has already mutated.

4.  Even after congressional direction to remove mercury from vaccines, the flu shot still contains a mercury preservative called thymerisol.  There is a growing body of evidence of a connection between this chemical and autism.

5.  Beyond mercury, the flu shot contains aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and other toxic chemicals that they want to inject directly into your body!

Any health decision is about risk versus benefit.  If the benefit outweighs the risk, it is a good choice.  But if the risk outweighs the benefit find a less risky option.


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