Cancer is not a death sentence

Cancer big “C”.  Our current profit driven society has been led by the nose into a belief system that when a portion of the living body stagnates and becomes rotten, death is at your door.

This could not be farther from the truth.

What is cancer?  A group of genetically crooked cells that no longer support the body in which they live.

How did they get crooked?  Your body is made up of trillions of cells with very short life spans.  These trillions of cells are constantly reproducing themselves to insure the body has an adequate supply to stay alive for much longer than the cells themselves.  At the beginning of each cell’s reproductive cycle, it has to make a near perfect copy of it’s DNA code (instruction manual).  If this copy is damaged at all, the child cell is not up to the task required of it.  Since this is going on 24/7 the process can be influenced by anything.  We know for sure ionizing radiation (x-rays, Cat scans, mammograms) disrupts this process.  Environmental toxins, dehydration, mental stress, and many other things can disrupt this delicate process as well.  Crooked or cancerous cells exist in each of us all the time.  It is impossible for the trillions of divisions to be perfect every time.  In this fact we are all cancer survivors.

How come everyone doesn’t have big “C” cancer then?  Eveyone does have cancer.  However, most of the time our very own immune system recognize the mutations and distroys them before they can reproduce and make more crooked cells creating a tumor.

What is a cancerous tumor?  A tumor develops when for some reason or other the immune system does not recognize the crooked cells and they are allowed to reproduce creating colonies of crooked cells that will take nutrients and energy away from the host organism (your normal body) without concern for its survival. 

What should I do if I found out I have big “C” cancer? 

1.  Become an expert on the subject.  There are many options available to you.  This is a very personnal experience and only you can live it.  Don’t expect someone to tell you what to do, grill everyone and put together a game plan customized to your own needs.

2.  Take ownership in your own body.  After you have rationally reviewed all options.  Make a plan that is right for you.  Once you embark on your plan, don’t second guess yourself.  It is very important that you belief your chosen coarse of action is a winning plan.

3.  Remember, life is fatal.  Life is right here, right now.  How many of these moments are you willing to sacrifice for possible future moments? 

4.  Be happy.  Drive out the demon of FEAR.  (False – Evidence – Appearing – Real ) A person is not measured by how long they live, but what they do with the time they have.  Your emotional status is crucial to both the quality and quantity of your life.

I post this with love and joy to a dear friend.  Thank you for being you.

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