segment by segment breakdown of the bail out

MSN has provided a segment by segment breakdown of the current bill before congress.  here

Here are a couple questions for everyone to ponder as we finish off the constitution.

(Q) Where is all that money going to come from?  Our federal government is already running more than $500B annual deficit. 

(A) Inflation.  As they print more money, they get to spend it at today’s value.  Once this money hits the general economy, its comparative value to stuff you want to buy goes down because there is so much of it around.  So expect to pay much more for everything you need for your family.  (How is this good for Americans?)

(Q) How can congress uphold its oath of office to the constitution while illegally handing over amazing authority over the countries treasure to a handful of appointed (as in not elected) insiders such as the chairman of the private federal reserve? 

(A) They cannot.  This is high treason.

(Q)  How do they think they can get away with high treason in the land of the free?

(A) They own the media and the courts are as corrupt as congress.

PLEASE. please for gods sake, WAKE UP AMERICA!!  Call me, lets get together and retake control of our country!!


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