OPPOSE SB 1959!!

To:  U.S Senate

We the undersigned strongly, and adamantly oppose House of Representatives Bill 1955, and Senate Bill 1959 Titled Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorist Act of 2007.

This Bill if passed into law considering its loose language, and ambiguous definitions or lack thereof could very easily be used as a tool to diminish or abolish the rights, freedoms, and liberties that we inherently have under the U.S Constitution. This Bill as We The People see it, poses the greatest threat to the Constitution to date.

The Bill lacks a definition for “extremist belief system”. It further lacks a definition of “force”. If passed as is, this Bill made Law could leave interpretation to the government as they see fit to interpret. It would give the government the right to target any group as terrorist based or any person as a terrorist. If made law it would give power to the government to breach or completely take away our right of freedom of speech regardless of the section that declares there will be a division set up to ensure our rights are protected. We oppose strongly the proposition of self policing this commission. The ambiguous language in this Bill negates the declaration of insuring our rights , liberties, and freedoms.

We the people strongly, and adamantly oppose the language in the Bill regarding the Internet. The Internet is a great means of expression of our freedom of speech, and this avenue must be protected. If this Bill were passed to Law it would give the government the right to censor, restrict or abolish it all together.

We the people demand that this Bill be thrown out of the Senate, and dropped. There are sufficient laws, and statues in place to insure groups that should be targeted as terrorist are. They will have the opportunity for due process under the law.




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