Get your national ID card

One of the people that I spent many long hours on the highways of America with last weekend was Missouri State Representative Jim Guest.  This is a great and couragous man.  He is standing up against the central party politic of his republican party to do the right thing.  Here is a breif video just released by Representative Guest regarding the Real ID card.   Put your seatbelts on folks, this could get a little rocky.


One thought on “Get your national ID card

  1. …Is it what “people” want to see in our nearest future??? If you realy want that, then don’t do anything, just wait untill it comes to you. But,if you don’t want to see it, please spread the word, be active, support our ownest pollitical leaders and true PATRIOTS. Rep. Jim Guest is one of them. Please support him them way you can, becouse isn’t only his reellection is at a stake, but a whole country is also!!! Say no to USSA- United Sosialist States of America!!! Instead, say “No Real ID, No NAFTA,No NAIS, NO NU, No Illigal Immigration!!!….and SAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!…, if you want to live in one.” Please call Rep.Jim Guest:1-660-535-6664,or vist his web, We don’t have much time left and it is up to all of us to understand of the importance of this danger our country faces TODAY!!!…Tomorrow might be late!!!…Sergey.

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