Do You Understand the Risks of the HPV Vaccine?

The marketers of Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil would like you to believe that getting your daughter vaccinated can save her from HPV related illnesses like cervical cancer and genital warts. 

Nothing could be further from the truth! 

First of all, the Gardasil vaccine contains just four types of HPV out of the more than 100 strains. If you contract one of the 96+ types that aren’t included, you’re out of luck. And, if you’ve already been exposed to one of the four types of virus in the vaccine, it doesn’t work against those either. 

So, even if you accept the risks and get vaccinated, your chances of getting some form of HPV are still very high. Whether or not the HPV virus will lead to genital warts or cervical cancer, however, depends in large part on the state of your immune system.

Personally, I don’t see how the mediocre-at-best benefits of Gardasil could possibly outweigh its risks. 

As of last October, 3,461 complaints about Gardasil had been filed with the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Report System (VAERS), and 11 girls had died after exposure to the vaccine.  

I just checked the VAERS database as I sat down to write this article, and it now contains 6,760 adverse event reports, and 16 deaths. The numbers just continue to get worse. 

Get a Clue!!  

In my neck of the woods they call this increase a giant clue.  So if you haven’t already figured out to avoid this vaccine you will want to do more homework. Another point to consider is that you can’t sue the vaccine manufacturer if your child dies. 

These companies have cleverly manipulated the government so they are immune from prosecution and have made the U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for the hundreds of millions of dollars that are paid out to families of children who are harmed or killed every year from vaccines.  

Even though it is incredibly difficult — nearly impossible — to get one of these payments, there have already been more than $1.5 billion dollars given to affected families. So ponder on these stats if you haven’t already taken a firm position on the vaccine issue. 

How Does HPV Vaccine Kill?  

The causes of death include blood clots, acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and “sudden death” due to “unknown causes” shortly after receiving the vaccine. Clearly, no one knows the full extent of the biological harm that this vaccine inflicts. But I think most people would agree that teenagers don’t normally drop dead of natural causes.

Even more disturbing is the fact that these numbers don’t seem to shock or dismay officials. They’re “consistent with those expected from any vaccine.” 

According to the American Cancer Society, some 3,870 women will die from cervical cancer in the U.S. in 2008. Well. We’ve already lost 16 girls, some as young as 12, in the effort to spare them from the possibility of cervical cancer later in life.  

Surely I’m not the only one who sees that as morally reprehensible! And how many people have ever died from genital warts? 

Dr. Mercola


4 thoughts on “Do You Understand the Risks of the HPV Vaccine?

  1. Well now I am scared since I thought I researched this and apparently hit most of the sites in favour of HVP Vaccine. My daughter was just given the shot yesterday and as I expected has a very sore arm. But is also very tired, feeling nausea,chills and some dizziness. Possibly a flu since that too is all around the school. Just in case I am taking her to the doctor but worry that the single shot she has received may have been a very bad decision on my part. I guess I was too trusting and ignorant as well.

  2. Watch the doctor’s reaction closely. He is trained to deny any connection between your daughters suffering and his actions. According to a Harvard University study around 2004, 80% of everything a modern MD does today is to cover his own ass. It is VERY scary!!

  3. I have told everyone I know not to do this to ther daughter. My daughter had the first shot in the fall of 2008. That was also her last! Dr. told me “no side affects at all”. It took us about 3 weeks to know differant. She missed alot of school, no longer goes to that Dr. that she was with for many years, just don’t trust him any more! She started getting flu like symptoms, then felt like bugs crawling under her skin, she said like on the movie the mummy, she didn’t tell me at first, didn’t want me to think she was crazy. Then anxiety attacks! She always loved scary movies, but could not watch any for about 3 to 4 months after the shot, just too intense! She is fine now we think, I still feel like crap that I could have killed my baby by letting the Dr. talk me into this, he knew I didn’t want her to have it but asurred me it was better to have it than not. Just beware!!!! You don’t know who will be affected by this shot and who will be so called fine. My daughter was one who wasn’t reported, so I can only guess there are many more then we know about. We used those detox foot pads, green tea, just anything I could think of to get it out of her system. Alzhimers runs in my family and this shot is full of aluminum whitch is not a good mix!

  4. After reading your article, I thought your ideas were very simple but as I kept reading on, I do see you have a point. Keep on writing, I will keep on visiting to read your new content.

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