Missouri Republican Convention

I am very proud to have attended both the Friday night Ron Paul rally, (of which I have over an hour of video!!) and as a delegate to the Missouri Convention where the Ron Paul republicans represented 40% of the delegation.

We were treated cordually, kinda like an anoying nephew that you can’t smack even though you really wish you could. Unfortunately, we were never able to get the central party off of their script.

Every speech from Kit Bond on down was dripping with FEAR and WAR. I had to leave at the break with my head spinning due to the proximately to such insanity.

A couple of observations:
1. All attempts to get the crowd excited about John McCain failed miserably. The enthusiasm was luke warm at best for thier chosen candidate.
2. Some Ron Paul supporters need to learn when you are not in the majority, shouting and caterwalling just makes you look stupid.  Please recognize most of the central party are not far from your views. They are afraid of change and trained to taking orders.  Your courage to talk about real issues is very foreign to them. They are mezmerized buy their trusted leaders telling them “we are at war” “we must kill them all!!”
Make friends one at a time, talk about Goldwater and Reagan.  Freedom is popular to anyone, as long as you are not trying to shove it down thier throats.


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