The flavor sweet then and now

So I was thinking about why I like sweet tasting foods no matter how much I know how bad they are for my body.  The answer came to me during my morning meditation.

All you have to do is go back about 150 years or so.  When food was grown locally and spoiled quickly our bodies developed a way to tell if a food was ripe or spoiled.  The flavor sweet meant that the food was safe and good to feed your family.  This was a very effective survival mechanism and served us well for as long as you beleive we have been on this planet.

UNTIL, food processing and manufacturing came into place.  These “food” manufacturers are not in the least bit interested in the nutritional quality of their concoctions.  Thier concerns include a long shelve life and sellability.  One of things these businesses found is that humans love the flavor sweet, but natural sweet things had terribly short shelf life.  To solve this problem they recruited the chemical industry to create sweet tasting chemicals to add to their inert or lifeless products.

Now, we are all faced with a new challenge to the survival of ourselves and our family and our taste buds are no longer an effective method to judge our food.  We must take a more evolved approach to eating.  Overide the genetic signal that sweet means good food, and use other senses and education to figure out if what you are about to put in your mouth is in fact food.  Artificial sweeteners send the signal to your brain that you just ate something nutrition, but soon the hollow status shows up in lack of nutrients to the cells of the body and the hunger center is re-stimulated.  This  creates a vicious circle as your health declines while you repeated consume toxic, good tasting chemicals in place of fresh wholesome foods.

Have a great holiday!


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