Will Americans accept being tracked 24/7?

Where is all this RFID chip use leading? How do you think they will get Americans to accept so much tracking?


In order to get people to accept this control system, there needs to be a reason for the people to accept it. I believe the government will eventually sell RFID technology to the American public as a way to resolve illegal immigration.

It is going to come down on the basis of this completely manufactured issue of illegal immigration. When I say completely manufactured, they allowed it to become an out of control problem and then publicized it day and night. They want the average American to be so fed up with illegal immigration that they will tolerate any degree of intrusion into their own lives in order to put a stop to it.

Katherine Albrecht 




One thought on “Will Americans accept being tracked 24/7?

  1. We could keep our liberties and solve the illegal immigrant problem by eliminating the freebees available to illegals. Free school, free health care, free welfare. These subsidies are using our own money to create a problem that our government will ask us to give up our liberties to fix.


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