Fasting strongly increases a cells resistence to stress

In a study, published in the March 31 2008 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers studied the effects of starvation on cancerous and normal cells. First, they induced a starvation-related response in yeast cells, which made them 1,000 times more protected than untreated cells.

Then, they tested the effects of fasting on human and cancer cells in a test tube and in mice. The results showed starvation produced between a twofold and fivefold difference in stress resistance between the normal, starvation-treated cells and normal cells. In tests with live mice, of 28 mice starved for 48-60 hours before chemotherapy, only 1 died (less than 4%). Of 37 mice that were not starved prior to treatment, 20 mice died from chemotherapy toxicity (over 50%).

This is another study clearly demonstrating the fact that “the less you eat, the longer you live.”  Any natural approach to recover from cancerous tumors must begin with a fasting and detox routine.  Then only put good stuff in.  Cancer cells love corn syrup.


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