Who is really responsible for 9-11?

As a veteran I have been thinking a lot about what brought us to war. 
Though many people don’t like to hear it, the fact remains,
the responsibility for 9-11 falls squarely on an American society that was so brain washed to sit down and shut up and let the authorities take care of everything, hundreds of otherwise responsible citizens sat in their seats and passively road those planes into those towers.
If we had truly been a society of free people, every adult on those planes would have stood up and kicked the crap out of those few insane men.  I hope we have learned this critical lesson.  Stand up and be responsible for your life!!
It was, is, and always will be the responsibility of a free people to stand up and do the right thing when faced with a crisis. 
The fact that those people stood by and did what they were told “nothing” has led us to the world we now live in.
Bring the troops home immediately, and give the petroleum industry the bill for our armies services over the past 5 years.  They have reaped massive profits while our sons and daughters fight to defend their property.

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