Strep Throut

Dr. Drumright,
My name is ___________.  I am a friend of ___________________.  She asked me to email you and let you know what I am experiencing and see what you would recommend that I do.  I was diagnosed with Strep Throat on Monday night.  The doctor prescribed me an antiobiotic and gave me some lidocaine for my throat.  I have been running a fever since Monday.  My tonsils are covered with white spots.  My throat is very sore to swallow.  The outside of my neck is very tender all the way down my neck from where my glands are.  If there is anything homeopathic that I can do I would be grateful to know.
I appreciate your time,
I assume your doctor performed a swab culture to get the diagnosis of strep throught.  Is this true?
( Because strep responds to a special group of antibiotics)
Beyond that, the lydocaine simply numbs the area which will also decrease the activity of the immune cells leading to a reduced response to the infection.  A much better more effective topical application is supertonic.
Gargle with warm salt water
Stop eating sugar until the infection subsides.
As soon as you are done with the strep specific antibiotics, immediately begin taking a quality probiotic formula.
Thanks for the question,

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