Mammograms cause cancer

Everyone knows radiation causes cancer. 

Most everyone knows that the breast tissue is some of the most sensitive tissue to radiation damage in the body.

Ionizing radiation causes double and multiple strand breaks in DNA and is accepted as a primary cause of cancer. Since the 1970s, the gold standard for breast cancer detection, in the Western world, has been screening mammography.

2004 Radiation Research
The Neoplastic Transformation Potential of Mammography X-Rays
To help resolve the controversy regarding the risk of mammography breast screening, a study was carried out with a grant to the University of Birmingham, UK.  A comparison was made using an actual low-dose mammogram X-ray machine and a standard high-dose X-ray (chest X-ray). Results suggested that the risks (of developing cancer) associated with mammogram screening may be approximately five times higher than previously assumed (which was 1%), making the estimated increased risk of 5% for each exposure. The authors suggested that the risk-benefit relationship of mammography exposure clearly needs to be re-evaluated.


Enter thermal imaging:

The above image is an infrared image of a developing breast tumor appoximately 2-3 years before a mammogram could pick it up.

Thermal imaging is a technology that has been available for 30 years but is actively suppressed by General Electric because it competes with the very profitable mammogram machines.  It is completely passive, no squashing, no radiation, no potential harm what so ever!

I have waited for 12 years for someone else to figure this out and have finally concluded that this is not going to happen in the medical community without a little push.  So, I am negotiating the purchase of a thermal imaging machine to be placed in my clinic.  Very shortly I will be able to begin screenings for many disease processes that show up as cellular inflammation years before a physical tumor will be detectable.  For example, diabetic avascular necrosis, skin cancer, varicose viens, heart disease, arthritis, etc.  All without radiation exposure!!

A breast thermogram will be a 5 view panel for $175.00, (about half what a mammogram costs)  Area exams for nerve damage or strains will be $50.00 per image needed to properly view the problem.  Please contact me to schedule your exams.  (The camera costs well over $30K)

At this time this is not covered by insurance, but with your help I beleive we can get that changed shortly.  The early detection capabilities of this technology will reduce the costs of health care tremendously within a very short time.


6 thoughts on “Mammograms cause cancer

  1. Dear Dr D,
    It’s wonderful to hear a doctor stating the benefits of Thermography for breast screening. I operate 4 Thermography centers in Northern California, and have partnered with many integrative practitioners who agree with your reasoning. Unfortunately, the mainstream docs are still on the mammogram train….
    Thanks for offering this very preventive technology to your patients!

  2. Thermographs are not a stand alone procedure. You should look into sonograms to map out calcific densities and fibrous cysts. Then have a look at the thermogram to see if these areas have increased activity.

  3. Hi Renee,
    I would love to know where I can find a Thermography center in Nor Cal, as that is where I live. I am happy to see the word “trying” to get out there.


  4. DrD …
    i read the info on the thermographs.
    very are teaching me
    more than you realize and i am paying
    I am also dense breasted..that’s the
    word i was searching for.
    I had a bone density x-ray many yrs
    ago and was asked when i had my
    implants. Never!
    I do believe i’ve had enough radiation for
    a lifetime.

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