Insurance is for Catastrophy only

Who’s body is that anyway?  Is that your body?

Or, does it belong to Medicare and your insurance companies?

If you said it is your body, why do you let a for profit corporation tell you how to take care of it?

I know, you’ve already paid for it and all, and you feel obligated to use something you already paid for right?

Let’s take a minute to look more closely at this 3rd party payer system.

All insurance policies are a gambling wager, you are paying a booky every month betting that something bad is going to happen.  Life insurance, auto insurance, fire insurance, all represent a fair bet in my opinion.  Small monthly nonrefundable nonaccruing bets that cover looses too large for your to pay for on your own.


In health insurance the booky, (insurance company) has calculated the odds that you will get sick and sets your premiums in such a way that they will make a profit from this bet even if you get sick, and imagine the profits if you don’t get sick!

The booky wins BIG if nothing bad happens to you because your bet is none refundable and does not accrue over time, and the only way you can possibly win is by loosing your health. 

If you happen to win the bet and get a diagnosable disease, then the booky has to use some of your money to pay his friend the medical industry to treat your disease.  Notice I said disease, because the way the bet is set up, none of your wager can be used to improve your health, like a gym membership or wellness chiropractic care.  You can only collect your winnings if a doctor can submit a diagnosis disease code to the booky, who then is allowed  to regulate the payout according to his own judgement.

This entire system of gambling on something bad happening has created an even worse situation that has spread across our entire society.  This insane way of thinking is driving our entire nation into financial ruin and it is all because we have been trained to go about our business not giving our bodies a second thought, if something bad happens, the insurance will be there to pay to get you fixed.  This has robbed us of our personnal responsibility for the well beings of our own bodies.  This is a subtle form of slavery.  When someone else is impowered to make decisions regarding the wellbeing of your body, they are your master.

So, here is my suggestion.  Ask your employer to stop paying your insurance premiums and give that money directly to you.  Purchase a major medical insurance plan with as high a deductible as you think you can handle.  Personnally I have a $5,000.00 deductible and keep an unused credit card in the insurance file to cover this deductible should I ever need it.  That way I pay for my medical expenses after I use them and not placing expensive wagers I hope to never win.

Then, get busy learning how to improve the well being of your body.  By taking responsibility in this manner you will see a huge savings in premiums and even more important a sense of pride in your efforts to feel better all the time!


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