Chicken Pox Vaccine causes a dangerous rise in number of Shingles cases

Research published in the International Journal of Toxicology (IJT) by Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D., reveals high rates of shingles (herpes zoster) in Americans since the government’s 1995 recommendation that all children receive chicken pox vaccine.

Goldman’s research supports that shingles, which results in three times as many deaths and five times the number of hospitalizations as chicken pox, is suppressed naturally by occasional contact with chicken pox.

Dr. Goldman’s findings have corroborated other independent researchers findings that since death rates from chickenpox are already very low, any deaths prevented by vaccination will be offset by deaths from increasing shingles disease.  Dr. Goldman was also published in the journal Vaccine showing a cost-benefit analysis of the universal chicken pox (varicella) vaccination program. Goldman points out that during a 50-year time span, there would be an estimated additional 14.6 million (42%) shingles cases among adults aged less than 50 years, presenting society with a substantial additional medical cost burden of $4.1 billion. This translates into $80 million annually, utilizing an estimated mean healthcare provider cost of $280 per shingles case.

Both chicken pox and shingles are caused by the same varicella-zoster virus (VZV).  Adults receive natural boosting of thier defenses against shingles from contact with children infected with chicken pox.

Epidemiologists from the CDC are hoping “any possible shingles epidemic associated with the chickenpox vaccine can be offset by treating adults with a ‘shingles’ vaccine.” This intervention would substitute for the boosting adults previously received naturally, especially during seasonal outbreaks of the formerly common childhood disease.

“Using a shingles vaccine to control shingles epidemics in adults would likely fail because adult vaccination programs have rarely proved successful,” said Goldman. “There appears to be no way to avoid a mass epidemic of shingles lasting as long as several generations among adults.”

Goldman’s analysis in IJT indicates that effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine itself is also dependent on natural boosting, so that as chickenpox declines, so does the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

The common knowledge within the medical community has assumed the reason the frequency of shingles increased with age is due to the older individuals’ immune systems are declining. However, Goldman’s new research shows the real reason is due to the fact that older people received fewer natural boosts to immunity as their contacts with young children goes down.

Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. served for eight years as a Research Analyst with the Varicella Active Surveillance Project conducted by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LACDHS). The project was funded by the CDC.

38 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Vaccine causes a dangerous rise in number of Shingles cases

  1. I would like to point out, that Zostavax can cause shingles. I was a healthy 64 year old male who received the Zostavax vaccine on 2/5/08. Ten days later, my doctor diagnosed me with “classic shingles”. He put me on Valtrex for 7 days and 1 month later was still suffering with red spots on my (right) chest, severe pain in my right arm and shoulder, and severe itching. I notified Merck and my doctor also did! I read Merck’s “double blind” studies, and nowhere does it simply say: this vaccine can cause you to contract shingles. I have all the documentation as well as pictures. Please caution anyone who wants to gamble with their health. I don’t believe Merck is being as honest as they should regarding the safety of this vaccine.

    • THANK YOU for sharing your experience. I hope you are over the Shingles now. If not, please consider taking Lysine and Cilantro. Both of these erode the lipid coating of the Shingles virus.

      Keep your immunity up and DON’T GET VACCINATED anymore.

      Best wishes.

  2. Worse, a child relative received an errant chickenpox vaccine, came down with shingles; then so did I and then his dad (who was “cured” by the rapid acyclovir and lyrica treatment I recommended). But I had contracted first and didn’t know of the contagion and have suffered over a year of allodynia and internal pain with the shingles consequences and henceforth until it finally diminishes!

    • my first son had chicken pox naturally and all i can say was thank god for that! My second child got the vaccine and I thought this is wonderful we dont have to deal with the itchy complaints and aveeno oatmeal baths which wasnt cheap but NO almost a year later he gets the shingles which was screaming painful and a costly ER visit and lots of medications.If I had it to do all over again I would have refused the vaccination instead of hearing this is very rare which with research is not as rare as drs think they need to be re educated on this vaccine now I’m leary on all vaccines hence “your child has to have them to enter or remain in school” so much for freedom

      • Hi TC, may I ask you the cost of the ER visit? It seems I need it and I am concerned. My insurance has such a deductible that it will come out of pocket. Thank you! RC

      • Vax to remain in school is a lie and scare tactic in states pushing them. Medical and or Religous exemption are options you should seek. A Family physician may be more friendly that a pediatrician on this matter… Do your research and be fully imformed. Its worth the time. This may be a good place for you to start ~

      • Hey my two year son has shingles and got it from the chickenpox vaccine not only has he had it once he has had it four times!!! Something got be done not fair he has to suffer!!!

  3. I would like to document in detail the case history of both David Rand and Vic Anderson for publication in Medical Veritas, a journal free from the conflicts of interest of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D.
    Editor-in-Chief, Medical Veritas

    • You wrote that you would like to doument my case. I would be happy to share this information. My only concern is that I as a consumer of a Merck product as well as a shareholder of Merck stock, can allow other people to see that this vaccine is much more dangerous (to their health) than they thought. I don’t believe Merck gives a damn. I wrote Dick Clark (CEO) a personal letter which he didn’t even have the courtesy to respond. My email is:

  4. I contracted shingles at age 45, in 2007, right side facial dorsal root. This is dangerous as you can suffer damage to your eye from complications. I did not, thankfully. I had not been sick with any cold, flu or anything else for at least 3 years prior nor have I been sick with anything else since, so there is nothing to suggest that I am otherwise immuno-compromised. Onset in August 2007, at least 30 days of debilitating fatigue (I slept for up to 18 hours a day), 5 months of maddening postherpetic neuralgia as the nerves repaired and now, heading for the two year mark I still have some neuralgia where the symptoms originated, in the eyebrow. I was treated for 7 days with Valtrex at $45/day. Who can say whether it did any good? You can’t go back and not take it to see…! Costs are not limited to doctor/emergency room visit, 4 to 5 weekly opthalmologist visits (for facial attack), Valtrex or other anti-herpes treatment…there is the also the lost productivity initially and diminished function for some time after the initial event, and pain and suffering which can last months or years.

    Jon Mitchell – Massachusetts…where it all began

  5. I am currently 24… I have shingles at the moment and yes they put me on a ridiculous amount of 4000mg Acyclovir and 60 Mg Prednisone a day… they also gave me these eye drops as it is on my face and I’m about to head to the eye doctor today… frankly it is the only illness I have had since 2003 when i went through boot camp with the Marines… The pain in my eye is actually quite maddening… And I have had no signs of anything reducing the effectiveness of my immune system… The eye drops they gave me as “motrin for the eye is useless… it stings for a second or two and then my eye just goes back to hurting from the shingles again… I am worried about my left eye…. not to mention the possible scarring and pain that can stay after this condition has improved…. All I know right now is that I hate life at the moment and doing anything is tiresome and painful… and again it gets me to thinking… when is the last time a pharmacutical company CURED anything… wasn’t it smallpox? those greedy bastards need to start thinking about keeping people alive and healthy… your profits can kiss my you know what… other than that I hope that all of these pharmacutical jerks that are working to treat symptoms instead of the cause catch aids and then get shingles… see how they like it.

  6. I have a 3 year old son who got the chickenpox vaccine. About a month or so ago, I had this horrible rash on the bottom of my back that was so painful it felt like someone put a hot poker in my muscle in my back. I had no idea what it was, so after 4 days of suffering sitting at work in my office chair, I went to the doctor. She diagnosed me with shingles and gave me a generic form of valtrex. At the time I also had a terrible cold and sore throat. I was not even able to take the pills they were so large. They got lodged in my throat and damn near choked me. So they pills got flushed. Then about 2 weeks later my son who had the chickenpox vaccine, got the chickenpox! Lot of good that did. Now my poor brother who lives many states away and I haven’t seen in almost a year has them! This is getting way out of control!!!

    • Please read the following and you will understand how your son was able to infect you. The people who make these vaccines should be put in front of a firing squad.

      Secondary Transmission: The short and sweet about live virus vaccine shedding.
      February 24, 2008

      Jon Rappaport interviews an ex-vaccine worker


  7. I am 27, got the chickenpox vaccine (required to live in the dorms) when I was 18. Before vaccination I was regularly exposed to the virus, as my parents wanted me to catch it young, but never got so much as a bump. Recently I have developed a sizable group of itchy, painful bumps on the right side of my back, shoulders neck and face. I’ve been looking for information as to whether it is possible for me to have shingles, but i keep getting conflicting views… some pages say that the chicken pox vaccine prevents one from getting shingles, others say the opposite. Any advice or information?

  8. My 5 year old daughter went to the doctor to get her Chicken pox vaccination.. the DR. office called about 1 hour after we got home to tell me they did not give her the childrens chickin pox vacination but instead an Adult Shingles Vacine…

    they said it is the same family of virus.. and we SHOULDn’t have anything to worry about.. but I AM worried are there any cases of this out there? what shall I do?

  9. My son got the chickenpox vaccine sometime around 15 months old and shortly thereafter had a shingles outbreak. Our doctor informed us that it was a rare side effect of the vaccine. Well, he’s now a little over 4 and has just had another shingles outbreak. I don’t think we will be having our 10 month old vaccinated

    • Josh,
      I know your comment is from months ago, but I’ve been searching for other parents like you.
      My 3 year old daughter had the chickenpox vaccine when she was 18 months old. Last month, she came down with a nasty case of shingles on her face/eye, which required hospitalization, and it could have blinded her. I’ve been asking lots of questions, and they keep telling me it’s just a rare occurance. I don’t think it’s very rare at all… not since they started giving our children this vaccine. Chickenpox is far more tolerable than shingles.
      I am saddened to read that your son had a second outbreak so soon. They did tell me these outbreaks can happen over and over again throughout their lives, (and the older they get, the more painful it gets).
      Anyway, Thank you for sharing your story. It helps keep the rest of us informed, and I’m doing my best to spread the truth since our trusted doctors aren’t doing us any justice.

  10. It appears people are not aware that vaccines and vaccine theory are flawed and fraudulent. Its not till they’re victimized that they realize this. Vaccine damage is everywhere. Beware!

  11. Hi, im a 38 yr old woman and i recently got a chicken pox vaccine because i had never had them and the kids in my building were getting them,a couple days later i start getting horrible left sided pain thats progressively getting worse,i have pain in my left eye and ear as well, it has been going on for 3 months,i have no quality of life left and can no longer take care of my children, nobody will listen to me or help me,i dont know who to turn to and im losing hope.

  12. I feel chicken pox vaccines are unnecessary. Until recently I didn’t know of any of the common or uncommon effects but I’ve always felt nervous allowing my kids to get the vaccine. My daughter got the first one when she was about 1 year old. She’s been fine. But they’re pushing me to get the second dose done before kindergarten. I’m hoping she’ll be alright and I wish she could have gotten chicken pox immunity naturally like I did. I never heard of dangerous shingles/chicken pox cases until all these vaccine requirements. I believe my children’s doctors are just as naive as everybody else, and easily believe in pro vaccine arguments. It seems that if you agree with vaccines you support a legal drug operation with a superiority complex which takes advantage of their educational status OR if you are anti-vaccine professionals think your paranoid, ignorant and unreasonable, therefore a threat. I wish I could just trust the people who claim they care about us, but all the studies seem to be presented in a bias way one way or the other. If this article is accurate, how do I know? I feel very vulnerable and uncertain as to who to trust. So all this dishonesty and fear has made me quite paranoid as well. I just want what’s best for my children. As it stands, I will refrain from the vaccine for my second child and I will not repeat the second vaccine pushed on me for my first child unless I have hard evidence of it’s benefits verses side effects.

  13. You sound like a rational caring parent Mary. I don’t think you should trust any other human being to make those choices for you. You need to gather information from all points of view and make your own decision. Isn’t that what being an American all about?

  14. My husband had chickenpox as a child. When filing for his green card he was required to get a health exam and receiving the chickenpox vaccination was a requirement if you couldn’t “prove” that you had the chickenpox. There was no medical record of his chickenpox so the doctor told him he had to have the vaccination to be “cleared” for his green card. So he naively agreed to get the vaccination. About a week later he was complaining of itching and pain on his back and a day or two after that the rash appeared. It’s been about a year since his first outbreak and now he’s got it again. Other than the shingles he is rarely sick. No one told us that there is a simple test that can be done to see if you have had the chickenpox and now he will have to suffer with shingles for the rest of his life. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do? Is there anyway to prevent another shingles outbreak?

    • There are things you can do to get over this. Probiotics can be helpful, acupuncture and detoxification protocols can be very helpful. Don’t give up. Nothing is permanent in these bodies!

  15. Our daughter received the varicella vaccine booster at her 7 year old well check. Two weeks to the day later, she developed shingles on the exterior portion of her ear. It was very painful. A few months later, she had her first noticeable PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with strep) exacerbation which led to a major exacerbation at the age of 8. We don’t know if the two are connected but highly expect that they are.

  16. The way I hear it, many of these kids (in the developed world) who had gotten the chicken pox vaccine developed shingles in their teen years.

    In the developed word, no one heard of such a thing. Shingles was something much older people / drunks… got. The fact so many teens have had cases of the shingles led researchers to discover that the virus was traced back to that chicken pox vaccine.

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  18. Okay, now I am concerned. I wish I had read all of this before. I had chickenpox when I was only a few months old. My pediatrician told my mom I could possibly get it again since I was so young and it was a pretty mild case. Jump to a few years ago, I was 45 and found this odd red patch on my right buttocks cheek. It then became extremely painful. Major nerve pain. I knew it was shingles. It had attacked my most vulnerable sciatic nerve root, because I had many back surgeries and nerve problems in the past. My immune system was very low at the time being because of taking care of my wonderful mom with cancer and not myself. It took a few weeks to clear up while taking valtrex. I thought that would be it. Then this past August at 46, my left buttocks (again the sciatic nerve root) was in horrific pain and ridiculously itchy. It also stung like heck. I knew the shingles were back, but I was healthy as a horse. I probably haven’t been this healthy in my entire life, however, there they were. A doc filling in for my doc kept insisting that it wasn’t shingles and sent me on my way. Then I came back two days later because it had spread all over my buttocks by then. They diagnosed me with Shingles, once again, but too late for valtrex to work all that well, if at all. Afterwards I did a lot of reading and found out from my primary that you not only can get Shingles more than once, but you are more likely to get it if you have had it in the past. After a lot of discussion we decided it would be a good idea to get me the Shingles shot to ward off future attacks or at least lessen them. I just had it yesterday and now I am quite concerned that we made the wrong choice, because of what I have read above. They told me it was extremely unlikely that I would get shingles from the shot and if I did it would be a minute case. They also said it would happen in 24 hours. This was important to me because I am having a holiday b-day party in a week and surgery in two weeks. They also wanted me to have it before the surgery. Now I am extremely concerned that I will get the shingles again and that it could be even worse and during the time I have my party or surgery. So far I only have pain and a bit of swelling at the injection site. It has been 24 hours, however, from what I have read above I now know that doesn’t matter. Please say a few prayers or wish some luck to this gal that nothing occurs. I really don’t know what I am going to do if it does because of the party and surgery, but even most importantly because of the horrific pain. I wish we had left well enough alone….I’ll keep you all informed what does happen….

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  20. My son is 17 and now has shingles. As he has never been exposed to chicken pox, herpes or shingles, I have to assume the chicken pox vaccine is the dormant chicken pox virus that gave him shingles. I am curious as to whether or not he is entitled to compensation for his medical bills, medication, and maintenance medication that he has been told he will have to take for the rest of his life. It is truly a shame that in order to protect our children from a rarely serious disease that we are forced to risk them contracting one that is painful and expensive as well as more dangerous. I would not ever have let them force me info this vaccine if I had known the risk. We were not given all the facts.

  21. If you never had the chicken pox, but received the chickenpox vaccine, does the virus from the vaccine put you at risk for shingles, later?

    • Just our experience, but our daughter received her second vaccine and had a case of shingles two weeks later on her ear. It was very painful.

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