Do you really want more of the same?

In two days half the country will make thier voices heard.  The future of mankind depends on our choice in leaders for the next 4 years.

Many, many ancient calenders match up with significant modern scientific observation and point to a dramatic event happening on our beutiful planet in the Gregorian calander year of 2012.

Good or bad, happy or sad this point on the timeline is worthy of consideration.

If you beleive the US government is headed in a direction that is improving your quality of life, and ensuring the survival of the human race, then vote for Hilliary, Obama, or McCain.  These are three talking heads of the same self centered, lack minded, fear mongering elitest power structure that we have been under for the past 70 years.

If you know in your heart, that you can do more if only someone would trust you.  If you understand freedom requires a great deal of responsibility and courage, then your only choice is to support Dr. Ron Paul.

If you are afraid of some of his ideas, consider this.  One man can not change everything by himself, placing this man of conscience in the white house would not guarantee the elimination of the IRS, or that we would bring all our troops home from around the world.  What it would do, is place a sane man at the helm that would force your elected officials in Washington to take your liberties and opinions serious.

If you are not sure who represents your interests best, investigate Dr. Paul I know you will  be impressed with his record, and please do your part next Tuesday.  The world is waiting for your leadership.


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