10 reasons you fail to stay with a new exercise program


Watch your posture at all times while exercising. Hanging on to the equipment, slouching cheating with wieghts will cause more harm than good.


Keep your mind on what you are doing.  This is not social hour.  Focus on each part of your body until you feel the burn.

3. Not including cardio, strength training and stretching each session.

Falling into a rut by not altering your routine.  Try adding an extra workout per week, increase your workout by 5-10 minutes, use interval training or add an incline, run in the opposite direction.

5. Believing exercise includes permission to eat anything.
6. Being impatient.  The body will grow into a younger you, but it takes time.  You have to work at it.

Rushing.  Exercise must be about improving the mind body connection.  Rushing your reps is a good way to get injured and set back a couple months.


Consuming sugary sports drinks or energy bars as if they are good for you.  Great marketing, bad idea.


Burning out.  Not thinking long term.  This is a part of a new lifestyle that must be embraced for the remainder of your time here on earth.


Advancing into more complicated techniques before the body is ready.  Stay with the basics for 2 years. You will understand what I’m saying later.

Most of all enjoy yourself, you will never stick to something unless it brings you pleasure. 

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