Girl Scout Cookies

Well, another American lifestyle has showed up at my house.  My 8 year old is learning marketing and sales by selling the traditional girl scout cookies.  No big deal right?  Accept this is just another in a long list of American traditions that all include the consumption of addictive sugar.  Sure, it tastes good.  Your physical body’s craving for easy calories is a hang over from our hunter gatherer days when you never knew when your next meal would come.  This sensory encouragement that used to serve us well, is now a dangerous addiction due to the modern life of abundance.

A personnal story, I have been drastically restricting my sugar intake lately and have been rewarded with a 30 pound weight loss and amazing energy reserves.  Anyway, yesterday afternoon I broke down and ate some Carmel Delights.  About 2 hours later my hands started going numb on me.  This became quite severe by the end of the night.  Then, this morning it was very difficult to get my energy up.  That is when I remembered those cookies.  Since that realization, I have had two patients come in today with unexplained numbness in their hands and feet.  Like me, both of them had just got thier girl scout cookies.  I am not saying this is science or proof of anything.  But, can I ask a favor of you? 

If you just received your Girl Scout Cookies, keep track of any strange numbing sensations after eating them.  It could be just that I have weened myself from sugar and had a reaction, but let me know your experiences. 

It seems like we could find something else for our young girls to sell, or another way to raise money for the Girl Scouts.  Don’t you think?


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