Path to Enlightenment

My good friend Dr. Charles Eckert wrote:


Mystics (and now many physicists) say that the entire universe is a vibrating energy and that everything in creation has its own vibrational rate, the frequency of which…

…depends on its
evolutionary development.

The simpler and less evolved aspects of the universe vibrate at a high frequency, and a low amplitude (contrary to popular metaphysical lore, which claims that the more evolved you are, “the higher your frequency”). Frequency refers to the number of up and down cycles the vibrating wave makes in a certain length of time, while amplitude refers to the height of the wave itself. In naturally occurring waves (ocean waves, for instance), the tendency is for higher frequencies to have lower amplitude, and for lower frequencies…

…to have higher amplitude.

You can see this, for instance, at the beach. The waves that come in more frequently are the smaller ones, those of low amplitude. The larger waves (those of high amplitude), come in at lower frequency (i.e., less often). Also note that the high amplitude waves are those with more power, while those with low amplitude are weaker.

Amplitude level = power level.

According to mystics, the human energy field is also vibrating, and the frequency and amplitude of that vibration…

…varies with the degree
of spiritual evolution
of the individual.

The less evolved person-one who often experiences his or her world in terms of separation, disease, stress, and imbalance-has a vibratory level that is high in frequency and low in amplitude. And, just as the low amplitude ocean waves have little power, the unevolved individual has little personal or spiritual power. As evolution takes place, however, this vibratory frequency slows down, and the amplitude (and the individual’s personal and spiritual power)…


According to Eastern thought systems, this vibration is carried in what they call the subtle body in a series of branching channels called nadis. The major nadis make up the Chinese system of acupuncture meridians. Initially these channels are tight, and just as a tight guitar string plays a high-frequency note, tight nadis also vibrate at a high frequency. As an individual evolves and becomes more consciously aware, the nadis loosen, gradually vibrating…

…at slower, more
powerful frequencies.

The nadis of the unevolved individual are tight because they carry all the unconscious ideas, beliefs, and other mental/emotional programming about who we are and what our relationship is to the rest of the universe. To the degree that this programming is other than harmony, balance, and peace, the nadis remain constricted…

…keeping the life force
energy from flowing freely.

This unresolved “stuff” causes the nadis to vibrate at a high frequency and a low amplitude (remember that low amplitude is low power). As we let go of this untruthful programming, the nadis loosen, the life force energy flows more freely, and the vibrational rate decreases. As this happens, personal power increases. And, we increasingly experience our unity with the rest of the universe…

…rather than our
separation from it.

As this happens, we experience peace and happiness instead of dis-ease, stress, and conflict.  This is the same process serious meditators have undergone for many thousands of years, except that up to now the low frequency “tuning fork effect” has traditionally been provided by the spiritual teacher or guru, whose energy field is already vibrating at super-low vibratory rates. (This low frequency energy radiated by the teacher to anyone in his vicinity is called shakti in the Hindu system, ch’i in the Chinese system, and ki in the Japanese system.)This is why these spiritual teachers have such personal charisma. This ability to lower the frequency of your energy field is the real power. It is our resistance to
the positive changes
that are happening that
causes our pain.
Why do we resist? Because we identify with the blockages that are being eliminated. We think these old ways of being keep us safe. These blockages, however, are nothing more than our concepts of who we are (often called the ego). In other words, our pain is caused by a case of mistaken identity! We are not these concepts and beliefs-we are much, much more. As we learn to watch the process with curiosity rather than resist it, we relax, we become more peaceful, and the process…

…moves more smoothly
and more quickly.



One thought on “Path to Enlightenment

  1. After a couple of days to digest this post I have a few observations.

    First, I like the concept of low frequency being related to greater power via the higher amplitude, but let me offer this. A saw has both large and small frequency and amplitude. The slow frequency-long amplitude of back and forth motion, then the high frequency-low amplitude of the teeth. Together they make the job of cutting a log easy. Imagine trying to cut a log with a smooth blade and long slow powerfully strokes.

    Recent studies in vibrational healing have found similar cross brain developements in the practitioner as meditation creates.

    Second, I think it is important to keep in mind the effect of resonance. A slow frequency can add its power to a resonant faster frequency.

    Third, relativity speaks to the fact that the observer is always adding his point of view to the equation. What is long and slow to a mouse, is short and fast to a human. From your excellent post above, compare large waves to tides.

    Thanks for the input,


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