Antidepressants turn a Teenager into a murderer

From Collinbine to yesterday’s tragedy one common theme runs through the horror.

Antidepressant drugs.

Giving a teenager in a tough situation a drug that dis-inhibits his behavior is criminal and should be prosecuted as a capital crime.

This young man’s psychiatrist is directly responsible for this tragic event.

3 thoughts on “Antidepressants turn a Teenager into a murderer

  1. Yes the psychiatrist should, the drug company must be prosecuted also for making the harmful drug, the distributors should take part, and then the stores should charged with something for making the drugs easy to access.

  2. Troubled, scared, alone, poor.. these are all conditions that unfortunately are not that uncommon. In a non-drugged brain, plotting and following through on a mass murder is halted before acted upon. Antidepressant drugs remove that conscience check separating fantasy from reality. People will act out thoughts with absolutely no regard for consequences. I have not researched this case particularly, but this kind of behavoir ussually happens when a teen had been taking antidepressants and had recently stopped thier meds. Do you know if this is the case here?

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