Water as fuel

I have been following a group of basement scientists as the future is being created.  In the following posts I am going to show you links to a few videos from several different people and thier work to create a system that creates hydrogen from water on demand within the existing elelctrical system of your car!!

First I would like to introduce you to John Arronn and his work on over unity energy.  He has posted well over 5 hours of work in the past few months.  Here is one of his lastest posts, please take to time to review some of his work on youtube.

3 thoughts on “Water as fuel

  1. Hi,
    We viewed your video on your hho cell with interest as we have been experimenting also.
    We made a cell similar to yours using perforated S/S plates,only 11 not 15plates.6+2 N-3 P.
    We cannot get near your hho production,what electrolyte are you using in what amount of water and what amps are you pulling?
    We are using bicarb soda, about 1/2 teaspoon to 1 litre.
    Do you think our problem is with perforated plates or do you have a suggestion.
    Have you annealed the plates as others suggest to remove residual magnetism,ours are not- magnetic 316.
    With fuel at $1.45 a litre we are looking for some help on economy.
    Looking foward to your comments, keep up the good work.
    Des Young

  2. Potasium Hydroxide, start with just a few grains and watch the amps, keep adding a few grains at a time until you get it up to 15 amps. NaOH is a catalyst and not a reactant so it does not get used up, once you get the concentration right you just watch the water level and rarely have to add any more catalyst.

    You need non-magnetic 505 stainless steel plates gapped at 1/8 of an inch, every other plate is opposite polarity, notice the cutaway notch in each plate.

    I think the perforated plates are a good idea due to the increased surface area.


  3. Hey Darryl

    Nice seeing you over at the ghost house with your hotrod(which ran excellent!). I have not looked at the videos put out by Arronn but I will soon. Have you checked out the hydrogen fundamental videos put out by Roy Mcalister, President of the American Hydrogen Assosication? Good info and maybe someone to get into contact with. Look forward to talking talking and moving foward on our quest for free energy.


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