Exercise reduces the risk of catching a cold

according to a recent study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,  which investigated the number of common colds in more than 500 people of varying activity levels. For one year, researchers tracked these individuals for the number of upper-respiratory tract infections and total levels of activity.

Findings revealed the most active individuals in the study suffered an average of 23% fewer colds per year than the least active people. In the fall, the difference was the most noticeable, with 32% less risk for a cold in the most active group. Forty percent of all colds in this study were reported in the fall.

Regular physical activity is an important part of keeping your immune system strong.  You can further improve your resistence by making sure you get as much sun as possible, drink plenty of clear water, get 6 hours of sleep nightly, and smile!


One thought on “Exercise reduces the risk of catching a cold

  1. My favorite is laps swimming, as it produces more
    oxygen intake than any other sport, with less
    physical muscular work considering the absence
    of body weight.

    Oxygen together with good nutrition and lymph drainage
    are essential components for regeneration on a
    cellular level.

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