Maryland officials threaten to jail parents that refuse vaccinations!!

Dear Prove members

What could the possible motivation be to threaten parents with jail time for not getting their children Hepatitis B and Chicken Pox Vaccines? Last week I called State’s Attorney of Prince George’s County Glenn Ivey’s office in Maryland to ask his office that question, and the answer I was given was for public health because “you wouldn’t want to be sitting next to someone with TB, would you?” Besides the fact that TB has nothing to do with this, we are talking about Hepatitis B and Chicken Pox – this district or any other one for that matter before the mandates weren’t seeing masses of kids hurt by these two diseases. I went on to explain that it was disappointing that the information coming out of his office in the early part of the week made no mention of the vaccine exemption. Later in the week, it was at least brought up as more parents contacted them to complain.

Rebecca called a reporter that had spent a lot of time researching the issue for his story and he went to some parents to try and figure out why their kids weren’t vaccinated. Some didn’t speak English as a primary language, and many were kids of working parents struggling just to get by day to day who complained their kids were vaccinated but there were paperwork mess ups by the school. In other words, these weren’t activist trying to make a statement – these were parents caught in the crosshairs of some other agenda because of yet another vaccine mandate.

Below is an account from Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC who went straight to the frontlines on Saturday – the courthouse in MD – where parents had to have their kids vaccinated “or else” on Saturday. She gives a powerful image of police with dogs bullying parents who were there to witness and were not allowed into the courthouse to view the proceedings. Also posted below are some links to some YouTube Videos of parent activists who went to go watch and try to help but were denied access.

Again, what could possibly be behind this? There are several factors that could be at play, but the primary suspicion that stands out in my mind is money. So I called the communications department of the Prince George’s County School District to ask them specifically some questions about the amount of money the school district gets paid per child per day. They have not returned my call to answer the questions. Thankfully, the National Center for Education Statistics has some great information about Prince George’s County Public Schools online available to the public to anyone with an internet connection! (

According to this government website, in the 2006-2007 school year, Prince George’s County Public Schools received $11,325 per student per year!!! That is more than I pay for my kid’s private school tuition! The breakdown was 7% from federal money or $780, 46% from the state at $5246, and 47% from local revenue at $5298. Assuming a typical 180 day school year, that comes out to $63 per child per day of school attended. Why is this important information? If the Washington Post article that we sent out yesterday had the numbers correct when they said that 2300 kids are being barred from school, all of a sudden $63 per student per day turns into a astronomical loss of $144,900 PER DAY for the school district. That would light a fire under anyone’s backside to stop that hemorrhaging of loss of income, but it does not justify the way these families are being treated.

The take home message we’d like to send to the zealots in Maryland is please don’t patronize parents and tell them this about health, and whatever you do, don’t bully and scare them. Tell them the truth. Tell them you are desperate for the money in order to educate their kids, and in order for the money and educatioon to happen, the kids have to be in school and have their paperwork in order. Let them know about their rights to the limited exemptions available. Warn them about the real risks of the vaccines. Give them the choice they have granted by law. Let them know the chicken pox vaccine does not even work right anyway. Check out this article about a school in Round Rock Texas where in spite of kids all being vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine, over 40 kids are out of the school with the chicken pox. Tell them that if they don’t want to have to deal with this year after year they need to contact their elected officials to stop every vaccine from coming out being tied to their child’s ability to receive an education.

When Governor Rick Perry tried to force all 6th grade girls in Texas to be vaccinated with the vaccine for the sexually transmitted virus HPV, thankfully the legislature knew better and effectively vacated his executive order saving the families in Texas the ill-effects of that mandate. Coming down the pipe are vaccines for everything from obesity, smoking, and drug addiction to vaccines for more sexually transmitted diseases like HIV for example. If they have to use police with dogs and the threat of jail time to get parents to get their kids vaccinated for chicken pox, what do you think they will feel they need to do to get every child shot up with an HIV vaccine? Read on and stay tuned…Conflicts of interest coming up soon…

What can you do in the meantime? Start off by making a vow to yourself to take an active roll in making sure that people who support forced vaccination and trampling on parental rights don’t get elected. Just a reminder that Glenn Ivey was elected into office in Maryland. If you aren’t already on it, get on our email list at, get on NVIC’s e-newsletter at, and go to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website at and join the Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination so together we can all be educated about these issues and work together to stop the insanity.

Sincerely, Dawn Richardson, PROVE

YouTube Videos by parent activists at the courthouse on Saturday

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